WindowMizer is a Mac application that will "roll-up" your windows like a window shade.

Simply double-click the title bar of a window, and WindowMizer sends that window to the Dock, leaving a placeholder title-bar on the screen. Double-click the title-bar again and the window is restored. No need to go digging through the Dock to restore a window you just minimized... it's exactly where you left it!

Perfect for single-monitor systems where space is a commodity. Works on multiple-monitor systems and increases productivity.

WindowMizer can be downloaded and used for 14-days, free of charge. During the trial period, WindowMizer is fully functional. When the trial period expires, a license must be purchased or WindowMizer will no longer function.

WindowMizer 5 is a PAID upgrade from WindowMizer 4.x. WindowMizer 5 now offers several License Types to choose from.

Feel free to select a license that meets or exceeds your anticipated needs. As you may know, WindowMizer must be distributed outside the Mac App Store, otherwise its functionality would be too restricted. As an independent developer, self-distribution is quite the endeavor, and I appreciate the WindowMizer fans and everyone's support. Happy window-shading!

Individual Subscription

1 Year Subscription. Allows 3 Activations.
Best choice for users with a single home and office computer, plus a laptop (any combo up to 3).

Family Subscription

1 Year Subscription. Allows 10 Activations.
Great for Families and those owning more than a couple computers/laptops. Developer's Top Pick :-).

Corporate Subscription

1 Year Subscription. Allows 30 Activations.
Best for groups and organizations of any size. This is also a great choice for anyone who would like to support an independent developer by buying the "Gold" package. Activations can be shared by family, friends and colleagues.

Standalone License

Allows 3 Activations. Does not include major updates.
Provided for those who would rather pay up-front and forego a recurring subscription. Minor (point) updates are included up to the next major version. For example, version 5.1 is free whereas version 6 will require a new license.

Latest Release Notes
System Requirements
Processor Intel 64-bit or Apple Silicon (arm64)
Operating System Mac OS X 10.12 or higher
Internet Connection Required for activation, trial period, and occasional license validation

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WindowMizer 5.5.3 01/01/2023 7183 18.58MB

WindowMizer 5

macOS 10.12 and higher
  • Version 5 is a PAID upgrade from version 4.x

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